Art Education: The Development of Public Policy by Charles M. Dorn

Charles M. Dorn provides a historical review of the changes in art education policies in this thorough survey of a constantly evolving field. The development of policies in art education is presented through six wide-sweeping chapters that offer a critical look into how the field’s curriculum today has been influenced by policy forces over time, with suggestions for future program goals.


In addition, the book raises questions regarding the future progress in the field, and it includes an appendix covering projects, seminars, and grants that have influenced the advancement of art education in schools. Written with clarity and a desire for a stable outlook in an evolving subject matter, this guide is a valuable resource for anyone with a serious interest in shaping the impact of public policy on art education.


Themes in the book include:

                                     An Overview of the Public Policy Process

                                     The Historical Functions of Art

                                     Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Antecedents to Current Art Programs

                                     The Federalization of American Art Education Policy from 1960 to 1997

                                     Curriculum Alternatives and Constraints

                                     An Evaluation of Alternatives and the Future of Art Education



ISBN:  9780971540293---Art Education, Public Policy, History of United States Laws

                                      Governing Education

Soft Cover, 228 Pages, $35.00, 5 Black & White Illustrations