Black and Latino/a Politics: Issues in Political Development in the United States by William E. Nelson, Jr. and Jessica Lavariega Monforti


In this comprehensive study, essays by twenty-four scholars explore and explain the developments and conflicts of minority politics in the United States, focusing on Black and Latino involvement. Thorough in scope and text, the book presents themes that closely examine race relations and the role of race and ethnicity in shaping the U.S. political process, including:


                              The influence of racial identity on political development

                              Opportunities and constraints in Black and Latino political empowerment

                              Minority participation and leadership in politics

                              Attitudes toward Black and Latino coalitions

                              Influence of group efforts and mobilizations on public policy

                              Myths and realities concerning Black and Latino politics


Black and Latino Politics... is a must-read anthology for all who are interested in the interaction of race, ethnicity, and United States politics.


ISBN:  9780971540255---Political Science and Politics, Hispanic and African American


Soft Cover, 270 Pages, $45.00, 85 Illustrations (80 Black & White and 5 Color)