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Legends of the Ebu Gogo

·What is the meaning of each name of Giants in the story?

 Language:                                       Language:

Indonesian                                           English

Cerah                                                  Bright

Lincah                                                 Agile

Marah Penipu                                     Angry Deceiver

Dukun Kuno                                     Ancient Shaman

Bahkan                                                Even

Wajar                                                 Fair

Jujur Pemburu                                  Honest Hunter

Lanun                                                  Pirate

      ·What is the year in which the book’s action takes place?

       Answer:    Some of it is in 1643.  Most of it takes place in 1644.

       A clue to the above answer is found in Part V of the book, page 181, where it mentions the "Ming Empire,” which is commonly called the “Ming Dynasty” that ended in 1644.

      ·What is the link between Sofie’s family and a past television comedy star?

       Answer:  An Internet search of Fred, Ethel, Esmeralda, Ricky, and other names in Sofie’s family will take you to “I Love Lucy,”
an early television sitcom that included all of Sofie’s family names.

      ·What message is given by looking at the first letter of each paragraph in “Reflections,” page 206?

      Answer: EBU GOGO LIVES


Thank you for reading Legends of the Ebu Gogo by Bill Prins.