Crooked Tracks by Barry Nemett


Stephen Schaech is a poet, dreamer, art enthusiast and reluctant only child. After the death of his older brother, Stephen overwhelms himself in his own fantasies, battling time and memories as he tries to cope with the loss. His only solace is his magical ability to escape into the painted worlds of Vermeer, Rembrandt, Goya, and other artists whose fantasies provide a reality that allows Stephen to deal with his demanding emotions. Soon Stephen learns that his unusual gift may be the one solution to finally end his grief and avenge his brother’s death.


But contending with fantasy is the very real world of adolescence. Stephen experiences the forbidden pleasures of high school as he is taught a lesson by his well-meaning, but drug-addled friends, and becomes entangled in an unexpected relationship with his English teacher. In a tone that is often hilarious, at times heartbreaking, but always insightful, Stephen traces the crooked tracks of youth - from guilt and confusion to forgiveness and love - as only a sixteen-year-old dreamer could.


ISBN: 9780971540262---Classical and Contemporary Art, Fiction, Poetry, Jewish Culture

Soft Cover, 278 Pages, 18 Color Illustrations, $39.99