Diane Nash: The Fire of the Civil Rights Movement by Lisa Mullins


Diane Nash lived a comfortable childhood in Chicago before moving to Nashville for college in the early 1960s. There, she encountered the reality of segregation and resolved to challenge it. In this biography, which spans the length of Nash’s active career, Lisa Mullins offers insights into the influence of Nash’s early life on her strong character and guides us through her impact on the development of the Civil Rights Movement. From taking the first step by joining a nonviolent workshop, to becoming a prominent figure behind the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), Nash has proven her dedication and leadership by being selflessly persistent in her pursuit for a better America.


Included in this biography are detailed accounts of Nash’s involvement and/or reaction to the following major events of the Civil Rights Movement:


                                                     The Influence of the Nashville Student Movement

                                                     The Founding of the SNCC

                                                     The Jailing of the Rock Hill Four

                                                     The Freedom Rides of 1961         

                                                     The Sixteenth Street Baptist Church Bombing

                                                     The March on Selma

The biography of Nash provides a rare view of the Civil Rights Movement, and it reveals information that is not found in general history books.


ISBN: 97809715402-8-6---Biography, History, Civil Rights

Hardcover, 112 Pages, $24.99, 6 Illustrations (3 Color and 3 Black & White)