Legends of the Ebu Gogo by Bill Prins


On the remote Indonesian island of Flores, halfway between the jungles of Borneo and the Australian wilderness, legends of tiny human-like creatures of the forest were thought to be only native fables until the true-life discovery of diminutive skeletons by scientists in 2003. Anthropologists who revisited native legends learned that the Ebu Gogo, “the grandmothers who eat anything,” were common when the Portuguese and Dutch first waged war over the nearby Spice Islands. However, the Ebu Gogo people were later hunted to near extinction by the natives for stealing food, kidnapping children, and even eating human babies. In Legends of the Ebu Gogo, the story of these small, mysterious, and endearing people is unfolded. Although the narrative is based on many scientific facts; it also reveals a world that is filled with unsupported images of giants, dragons, and aliens. While readers will be entertained by this unique book, they will also learn facts from the built-in academic exercises that can be explored by readers of all ages.


ISBN 978-0-9801744-5-8 – Young Adults- Historical Fiction-Cultural Diversity

Soft Cover, 216 pages, $24.99