Songs of the Soul by Sharon Belle, Charles Charlton, and Justin Lopp


Awaken your mind and spirit to the intricacies of the soul in this collection of poems by three young writers. Sharon Belle, Charles Charlton, and Justin Lopp reveal the vulnerabilities of their relationships with others - as well as with themselves - as they take uncertain steps to confront their passions. Gentle in tone but emotionally fierce, the meditative poems inspire a reassuring sense of confidence and a willingness to look ahead.


Songs of the Soul is a journey of insights offering a rich mix of curiosity, pain, and hope. The writers are bold enough to confront the confusion in their lives, and they do so beautifully as they contemplate on God, Reflections, Memories, Love, Life, Beyond, and Infinity. Paintings by Sharon Hawkshawe add a refreshing touch to the natural charm of each poem while breathing life into the collection’s pensive spirit.


ISBN: 9780971540200---Poetry, with an Introduction by Nikki Giovanni; Abstract Art

Soft Cover, 70 Pages, 21 Black & White Illustrations, $13.99