The Good Life: A Positive Approach to Growing Older by Sybil Lassiter, Ph.D., R.N.


Dr. Lassiter has penned a unique story on the social, cultural, historical, medical, and scientific aspects of growing older.  Further, this prize-winning book provides insights on how to develop positive attitudes and behaviors during all stages of life. Other helpful information for growing older successfully is discussed throughout this scholarly, yet entertaining book. An example of this is the following advice given by a “successful ager” who views aging as an EVENT:


E   embrace a positive mental attitude.

V   volunteer to enrich the lives of others.

E   enthusiasm is Mother Nature’s pep tonic.

N   negate the negative, accent the positive.

T    take time to practice these things to make an event of aging.


Each chapter begins with a humorous, but instructive, quotation. In addition, factual information is supported by personal stories of the aging process.


In her book, Dr. Lassiter also examines the cultural and social attitudes about the aging process in different parts of the world, including Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas.


The Good Life won the first-place prize in the 2011 IPPY Living Now Book Awards contest, in the Mature Living/Aging category.


ISBN: 978-0-9801744-1-0

Soft Cover, 128 pages, $19.99