Wallbaby Bumblebees by Mary Elizabeth Price


Join Thomas as he ventures into the magical world of Honeyland, where dreams are only a sweet drop away. With the help of three Wallbaby Bumblebees, each with its own charming personality, Thomas sets off on a journey of fantastical discovery and meets the unique creatures that make Honeyland their home. There is so much more to discover and learn in such an exciting land, but the Wallbaby Bumblebees must tuck Thomas back in bed before sunrise. Their adventures wait again the following night, when the bees will bring Thomas his next honeydrop.


Wallbaby Bumblebees is a poetic and colorful adventure into the world of young dreams.  Children will find delight in exploring and opening their imaginations along with Thomas as they learn the value of friendship and anticipate their own sweet honeydrop at bedtime.


ISBN: 9780971540224—Children’s Book, Poetry

Hardcover, 44 Pages, Colorful Illustrations Throughout, $15.75